A car diagnostic tool is also called OBD. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic. OBD is a car scanner that is a diagnostic scanner for your car. After the invention of modern technology, car have become more digital and modern. Now a days on board electronics are become more versatile and many people are using this tool to diagnostic car problems. Some manual errors are occurred in a car that everyone can see it and diagnostic it. But some digital error occurs that are difficult to find it. For this purpose, we use car diagnostic tool. It is true that many digital errors occur in car, which can affect the condition and value of the car. For example, there are some problems in the lights of the car and airbags are not working properly, but people are unaware of these faults. One thing clear that an airbag is a large nylon bag which protect human being from various injuries at the time of accident. It is also possible that because of some technical problems in the car which are unknown to you, also cause severe loss of car as well as your life. To get rid of these difficulties, we install a car diagnostic tool in the system. That is the reason to invest money in a quality diagnostic tool and to carry out high quality fault analysis.


There are a lot of automotive scans and car diagnostics tools in the market that helps you to diagnoses a car. To check your car properly, there are different three options are available. can use mobile app with OBD2 scanner. can also use software that is installed in your computer. can also buy a standalone diagnostic tool.

Each of these tools has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss now:

Standalone diagnostic tool:

Its advantage is that it is an external device, professional equipment and is suitable for all car manufactures.

Its disadvantage is that it is very expensive.

OBD2/Scanner Smartphone app:

Its advantage is that it is easy to carry out, affordable and it is always update.

Its disadvantage is that it is not solving some deep technical problem.


Its advantage is that you can use your own computer and it has versatile features.

Its disadvantage is that it takes extra cost to keeps update.

List of some Professional car diagnostic tool: Now we discuss some professional car diagnostic tools. We discuss some description, features, strengths, weakness and price of these tools.

1. Nexpeak NX 501 scan tool:

Its screen is small with 2.8 inches. It is easy to read and is used for detecting fault codes. It is unlimited updates. It has very small range of functions. Its price is 70 USD.

2. Launch CRP 429:

This design is very attractive and the keys are well made. The generated report can be sent by email. After reading the report, you can delete diagnostic trouble codes. It has large internal database. Its price is 275 USD.


A very solid device from Autel with all car brands supported. It special features such as relearning the parking brake pad or DPF regeneration. It has a wide range of functions. Its price is 260 USD.

4.X431 PRO MINI:

This tool can monitor live data and performs automatic scans. The update period of this device is 2 years. Approx. 80% of all vehicles are compatible and the connection is via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It has a fuel injector coding. Its price is 740 USD.

5.LESCARS Auto diagnostic:

This tool is very small but its functions are very powerful. The results of errors in plain text. It’s especially useful for Audi, VW and Skoda models. It has good fault analysis. It has limited range of functions. Its price is 70 EURO.