Used Bentley Buyers Guide

Bentley. The word itself just screams luxury. Even non-car fans will hear the word Bentley and have some knowledge that these are not just any kind of car.

Bentley signifies a gorgeous, magnificent, quality and glorious machine. All of these characteristics seem to mirror perfectly on the owner. Once inside a Bentley, your inner confidence steps up a notch.

So, buying a Bentley is quite high up on a lot of people’s priorities and is not hard to see why. It can be very easy to be tempted to opt for a Bentley when searching for a second-hand car; and you may be interested to hear that it may cost you less than you expect.

Let’s take for example the original Continental GT model; a 6.0 litre W12 engine, aw-inspiring torque, a 4.8 second sprint speed and its cushy air springs. This is a car of beauty; and can easily be purchased for less than £20k!

What to go for?

You can easily opt for the above-mentioned Continental GT model and drive away with a very proud smile on your face. Or perhaps why not take a look at the 2007 GT Speed which will give you plenty of speed and handling to play around with. Or even the GTC convertible to offer a car with even more sex appeal? Or even the Conti S can offer a great used Bentley option.

What should I look for?

Of course, when buying from a trusted dealer you are safer than when choosing to buy privately. A good dealer will complete no end of checks on your behalf to ensure that the car is fit for purpose; after all, the dealer wouldn’t invest in the car itself if they did not believe it was right!

Always check the miles on your used Bentley. A car that has been under-used could potentially come with some battery issues.

Also, one thing that many people forget to check is the keyless entry and parking sensors. In theory, the majority of electrical aspects on the Bentley are often not checked by potential buyers. So be sure to go over these with your dealer.

And of course – do not forget the service history! Be sure to go over all of the paperwork with a fine-tooth comb. All of these aspects will give you the chance to buy your used Bentley with confidence.

There are plenty of other checks you should ensure you do when buying a Bentley privately however a good dealer will have conducted all of these checks on your behalf and will give you solid piece of mind.

At the end of the day, be sure to have fun when choosing and buying your used Bentley from a dealer. Especially if this is your first experience in driving a Bentley. This is your chance to own a piece of luxury and to allow it to have an impact on your life so have fun with it and be sure to make the most of it!