Here is the cheapest car in India

When Tata Nano was launched as the “Lakh-Rupee” car, it earned the distinction of not only being the cheapest car in India but also all over the world. Since then, there have been various new launches from multiple companies, but none has been able to replace Tata Nano as the cheapest car in India.

Here are some of the most interesting facts, specifications, and information about the cheapest car in India, Tata Nano GenX.


Tata Nano Gen X

Ever since its launch in India, Tata Nano has received various facelifts and upgrades to compete in the ever-evolving automobile market in India. While Tata Nano could never generate the immense success that it was expected to, but it is still nonetheless the cheapest car in India and has set the benchmark in terms of being the best car for under Rs. 2 Lakhs. With the new automatic transmission option also being made available, it is expected to improve its showing in the market. Let’s have a look at the key features of the cheapest car in India.



Tata has recently upgraded the front and rear exterior portions of the Nano. The front headlamps have been upgraded to give a mature look to the car. The rear tail lamps and chrome treatment is the same as its predecessor.



The interior has not been changed since the last upgrade and resembles the previous versions of Nano. The seats are comfortable and spacious with the seating option for up to five passengers. The automatic variant will get a new chrome finished gear stick to replace the traditional four speeder option.


It is powered by a 624 cc Petrol engine and is available in manual and automatic transmission options. The mileage for manual version has been clocked around 23 kmpl and for the automatic version it is pegged at appx. 22 kmpl.


The price for Tata Nano Gen X (manual transmission) starts from Rs. 2.47 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 3.02 Lakhs while the price for Tata Nano Gen X (automatic transmission) starts from Rs. 3.24 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 3.43 Lakhs. All the prices are on ex-showroom basis.


Tata Nano Gen X is available in six different colours, Dazzle Blue, Expresso Brown, Meteor Silver, Pearl White, Sangria Red, and Damson Purple.

An easy to drive car with excellent manoeuvrability, Tata Nano offers an ideal option to get over the ever-growing problem of traffic in Indian cities. It is to be seen if the new upgrades give Tata Nano’s sales the much-needed boost.

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